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The ROI of gifting
Gifting can successfully boost engagement and ROI across various departments, industries, and use cases
76%Millennials who feel an increased connection to their employer when they receive thoughtful giftsThe Harris Poll
+25%Productivity increase observed when workers received thoughtful giftsHarvard Business Review
Harness the power of gifting
Companies can use gifting to boost brand, build lasting relationships, and cut through digital noise to close clients
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  • Personalized gifts and thank you notes to enhance employee sentiment and morale
  • Celebrate personal and professional occasions that matter to give employees the experience they deserve
  • Attract & engage the best talent, through the whole cycle, from the interview stage to showing them your appreciation at the exit
  • Influence, accelerate, and close pipeline - see all activities & the ROI of your campaigns
  • Bring data-driven gifting into your ABM strategy
  • Drive event engagements and improve post-event follow-up with automated gifting at scale
  • Build a bond, accelerate deal velocity, and improve the close rates
  • Increase response rates and revive lost leads
  • Breakthrough to key sales accounts by using gifting to stand out from the sales outreach of everyone else
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  • Surprise and delight new customers with a personal gift to kick-start the relationship
  • Reward subscription renewals and increase customer upsells with timely gifting to consequently increase LTV
  • Turn customers into your biggest fans and drive referrals
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